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Altius RC Aviator Modelglasses


Since their launch in 2005, RC Modelglasses have always been made from high grade polycarbonate and TR90 materials. However, Rapid Eyewear, the company behind Modelglasses, recently launched some aviators, called ‘Altius.

Traditionally, aviator sunglasses have always had that Ray Ban look, with big, rounded lenses and thin side arms. The Altius do not depart too far from that track, but there are some subtle yet important differences. The most significant of these had to be the fact that, instead of having a flat shape, they wrap-around, meaning you won’t get light encroachment from the sides of your vision. This is an important and welcome aspect of the Altius sunglasses for RC modellers who find sun glaring into their eyes when they turn their head right or left.

The sunglasses are not polarised, which sounds like a negative point but it definitely isn’t because, with polarised, lenses, you can’t always see the digital instruments on your transmitter. John Clark explains: “with the plastic-based Modelglasses we make, some of these have polarised lenses but the level of polarisation is such that you won’t find your Tx display unreadable. However, the polarised Altius we make for the general sports market contain an ultra-efficient polarised lens which will completely obliterate the horizontal parts of a digital display.” To compensate for the lack of polarisation, Rapid Eyewear have added an anti-reflective coating to the rear of the lenses, which helps to cut down on glare.

On the front side of the lenses, oleo phobic and hydrophobic coatings ensure any water or grease that comes into contact with the Altius will form into globules and simply run-off – a nice touch. The overall quality of the optics is first-class – “we asked the factory to make the best lenses they could product, and they came up trumps”, explains John.

Incredibly, despite the sophisticated feel of these sunglasses, the high build quality and fantastic optics, they are comfortable under £100 to buy – even the prescription options are not expensive.

To find out more about the Altius sunglasses with grey or red lens options, visit the Rapid Eyewear website.


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