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Modelglasses Perfect for Winter Use


Here at Rapid Eyewear, we see a seasonal surge in sales when Spring comes around. Not that surprising, you might think, given the anticipation of long summer days and lots of sunny weather. However, in a purely practical sense, it would almost be more usual to see sales in the autumn being just as strong – but why?

Well, let’s face it, when Autumn comes around, the sun doesn’t actually put on its night clothes and hibernate. Throughout the winter, sunny flying days can happen at any time, with low and potentially dangerous winter sun causing all sorts of problems. Modelglasses’ interchangeable lenses are designed to cope with all eventualities; the category 2 polarised lenses are perfect for winter sun, as they cut out blue light, improving definition and reducing glare at the same time. If the light is quite poor, and not even sunny, the Category 0 lenses will improve contrast and definition – effectively, this makes RC Modelglasses the perfect eyewear solution for all light conditions you might encounter throughout the year.

Photo: Dominik Haegele after winning 3D Masters, wearing the Category 2 polarised lenses. On a changeable day with no strong sun, these lenses were the perfect solution.

So, if you already have a pair of Modelglasses, don’t consign them to the spares box in the shed – keep them handy, and make use of those extra lenses. If you don’t have a pair, why not? Getting your hands on them at this time of year makes just as much sense, of not more so, than waiting until the Spring.

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