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Polarised fit overs are so cost-effective


Regular RC Corrector Overglasses

Modellers who wear prescription glasses want the best quality, dedicated RC sunglasses should consider the Innovation Plus which provide a highly cost-effective solution, and interchangeable polarised tints. However, if you’re on a really tight budget and you just want something simple that works in bright, sunny conditions, the new over glasses might be an option.


Modelglasses’ new Correctors over glasses are designed to fit over your existing glasses, providing 100% UVA and UVB (UV400) protection in sunny conditions. The enclosed nature of the over glasses prevents unwanted light encroachment from the peripheries of your vision, whilst the polarised filters greatly reduce glare. Finished in an attractive black colour, the over glasses are available in two different sizes – please check the dimensions on the product pages carefully before making your choice.

View the regular Corrector overglasses here, and the medium size Corrector overglasses here.

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