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Why Model Glasses?

Ten Reasons Why RC Model Sunglasses Make Sense:

  • The range has been specifically designed and manufactured for RC use by dedicated and experienced modellers
  • All types come with three or four sets of de-centred, scratch-resistant lenses (Cat 0, Cat 2, Cat 3 mirror & Cat 4) as standard, including a light-enhancing set for dull days, plus a quality carry case, a neck-strap and a cleaning cloth at an affordable price
  • The superb quality of our frames and lenses matches those of far more expensive ‘fashion house’ products – and unlike those guys, we don’t charge separately for the extra lenses. With prices starting at just £39.99, affordability, style, quality and practicality meet up to give you great value for money
  • All of our sunglasses offer 100% UVA / UVB (UV400) protection, and conform to the new ISO 12312-1 and US ANSI Z80.3 standards – these sunglasses will help to protect your eyes from flying debris should you crash. Our glasses are impact-tested at the factory
  • Lightweight, polycarbonate construction
  • Comfortable fit – rubber nose pieces and side-arm inserts, plus good flex in the frames, ensure you’ll feel great wearing them
  • Wrap-around styling offers protection from the effects of light and wind right around your eyes
  • Prescription stand-alone frames with interchangeables bring all of the above benefits to spectacle wearers
  • A full s[ares back-up service ensures you can keep your sunglasses in tip-top condition
  • Worn by many of today’s top pilots

We all know about the harmful effects the sun can have on our eyes.

But, there’s a lot more to our products than giving you 100% UVA / UVB protection, which they do of course. Our sunglasses, which conform to the new ISO sunglasses standards, plus US ANSI Z80.3, are made from tough polycarbonate and TR90 materials that will protect your eyes from flying debris should the worst happen to your (or even someone else’s) car, boat, helicopter or ‘plane. In line with the requirements of Z80.3, a sample of each batch we have made are impact or ‘drop’ tested at the factory.

What really makes our sunglasses so special though is the package that’s offered, at a great price. Most pairs we sell, including the prescription option, include the following as standard:

High-quality lightweight, impact-resistant polycarbonate frames, with good flex, rubber nose pieces and rubber side-arm inserts / extensions for an ultra-comfortable fit

  • Light-enhancing Category 0 lenses, for cloudy and dull days. These improve the contrast and brightness of your vision – this helps you to better judge the orientation of your model, and the control inputs required for top performance.
  • Category 2 lenses, for superb contrast on brighter days. Our Cat 2’s are the perfect all-rounders for most conditions, because unlike ‘normal’ sunglass lenses, they do not reduce light to the point where you’re struggling to see what you are doing
  • Category 3, mirror coated lenses for bright days – these are ‘standard’ lenses
  • Category 4 (smoked) lenses for those ultra-bright days (not available for all pairs)
  • A very high quality carry-case, with cushioned internal pouches for the extra lenses, belt loops and a belt clip for easy attachment to your trousers
  • An anti-static cleaning cloth
  • A neck / head retainer strap

All of our lenses have anti-scratch coatings, and are de-centred, which means they have been set up to optically balance out the distorted effect that can be caused by curved lenses.

Polarised Sunglasses – What do they Do?

When the sun’s rays bounce off a reflective surface, such as clouds, water or tarmac, the effect is often horizontally reflected light that we see as glare. In RC modelling, glare is a dangerous thing – in the split second that your model flies / drives / sails into it, you can lose its orientation, with potentially disastrous results.

Polarised lenses have special built-in filters which take away a good proportion of the horizontally reflected light, leaving you with the sort of crisp vision you need to be on the ball, when on the move! Our Nimbus and Innovation Plus glasses offer high tech and quality performance levels at the unbeatable RRP of £49.50 – not bad, considering we’re almost certainly the only UK based vendor of sunglasses to offer not one but TWO sets of interchangeable polarised lenses as part of a standard package.

Note: Due to the elimination of horizontal light, some transmitter LCD displays are not visible when wearing polarised sunglasses. It is recommended that customers sit their polarised glasses on their forehead when trimming.

Prescription Frames

Here at Model Glasses, we believe that clip-on’s and fit-over’s don’t look very nice – and judging from the feedback we receive from our customers, most of you agree with us! Our stand-alone frames look just like a normal pair of sunglasses, but of course, they are not; lurking behind the smoked / coloured front section is a prescription lens clip, which can be fitted-out by any reputable optician, or ourselves. (Note: for restrictions on usage for those with strong prescriptions, please refer to the notes on the product page for Innovation Plus).

A common problem with this type of eyewear is that the wearer’s eyelashes touch the prescription clip lenses – however, our Innovation frames have been especially developed to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Latest Products

If you fancy the Top Gun look when out on the patch, check out our fabulous Altius aviator sunglasses. Altius have been made using the very best lens technology available, fitted in an attractive, high quality and robust frame.

If you are looking for a cost-effective prescription solution, the new Correctors might be for you – these sunglasses fit over your existing glasses to provide a polarized option that’s perfect for anti-glare RC use.

For more latest products, and to view all of the RC Modelglasses range, visit the dedicated page on the Rapid Eyewear website.